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Becoming God: Path of the Christian Mystic - DVD (Mystical Paths series)

Elizabeth Clare Prophet introduces you to a remarkable group of mystics who for hundreds of years have practiced their own brand of Christian mysticism.
$29.95 $19.47

Becoming God: The Path of the Christian Mystic (Mystical Paths series)

Becoming God is Elizabeth Clare Prophet's book on Christian mysticism in her Mystical Paths of the Worlds Religions series.
$14.95 $9.72

Beloved Cyclopea Decree - CD - Decree 50.05 (fast)

Invoke the Elohim Cyclopea for the All-Seeing Eye of God for the vision of perfection that brings healing. Decree 50.05 given 144 times.

Blue Lightning Is Thy Love! - CD

Start your day right! Invoke Archangel Michael for the protection of your spiritual path, family, community, nation and the world. Intermediate pace.

Bodhidharma: Founder of Zen Buddhism - DVD (Mystical Paths series)

Elizabeth Clare Prophet lecture on Bodhidharma and his message of Zen Buddhism and how we must discover for ourselves our real Buddha nature.
$24.95 $16.22

Bondad - Jardines del corazón

La serie Jardines del corazón recopila profundas frases de Elizabeth Clare Prophet capaces de elevarte el espírituy guiarte al jardín que hay dentro de tu corazón.
$9.95 $6.47

Book Of Hymns And Songs (Looseleaf)

Song book for The Summit Lighthouse hymns, songs and mantras. This song book contains the words, but not sheet music.
$29.95 $19.47

Book of Revelation & Prophecies on 2012 Presentations - DVD (Harvest 2011)

Book of Revelation & Prophecies on 2012 Presentations from Harvest 2011.
$19.95 $12.97

Buddhas in Winter - DVD/MP3 (New Year's 2016-17)

The dictations and lectures from the 2016-17 New Year's Retreat.
$39.95 $25.97

Buddhic Essence: Ten Stages to Becoming a Buddha - DVD (Mystical Paths series)

Elizabeth Clare Prophet lectures on the ten stages of becoming the Buddha and what it means to be a bodhisattva. Mystical Paths of the World's Religions
$19.95 $12.97

Caminando con el Maestro

Respondiendo al llamado de Jesús - La meta es encontrar y externalizar al Cristo interno. El medio es un sendero de iniciación práctico para el mundo moderno.

Celebra la Victoria de la Vida! (Julio Libertad 2011)

$34.95 $22.72