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Archangel Michael's Rosary - CD - Intermediate Pace

A one-hour service of prayers, decrees and hymns to Archangel Michael for the resolution of personal and planetary problems and the binding of the forces of Evil.

Archangel Michael's Rosary - CD - Slow Pace

Offer this rosary to gain the armor and shield of Archangel Michael and his aid in saving our world in this time of personal and planetary trouble.

Archangels: The Wave of Hope - DVD/MP3 (Harvest 2014)

Archangels - The Wave of Hope - Harvest Retreat 2014.

Art of Practical Spirituality (Pocket Guide)

Bring more passion, creativity and balance into your life through the Art of Practical Spirituality. Turn everyday encounters into an opportunity to grow.

Ascendance - CD

Songs of Courage and Inspiration. This magnificent collection of ten original songs has been composed to transport your soul into a higher state of consciousness. Featuring lyrics inspired by legendary poets and sages.

Ashram Rituals - Booklet

Ashram Ritual booklet contains the words to the six Ashram rituals released in 1952-58 in the Ashram Notes.

Ashram Rituals - Booklet (PDF Download)

Downloadable PDF of the Ashram Ritual booklet containing the six Ashram rituals released in 1952-58 in the Ashram Notes.

Ashram Rituals - CDs

These six Ashram Rituals are designed to link hearts worldwide in a ritual of scheduled group meditations. Devotional pace.

Astrea's Circle and Sword Visualizations - DVD

Animated spiritual visualizations of Elohim Astrea's Circle and Sword over 12 regions of the Earth, 5 minutes each. Audio track of decree 10.14 72x.

Atrae abundancia

Técnicas espirituales para aumentar tu prosperidad. Serie bestsellers bolsillo de espiritualidad práctica.

Awaken the Lightbearers - DVDs/MP3 (Freedom 2013)

The Freedom 2013 conference album that includes almost twelve hours of the dictations and the lecture excerpt from this conference. MP3 and DVDs.

Becoming An Accepted Chela, Darshan 6 - DVD

Darshan #6 Elizabeth Clare Prophet teachingon becoming an accepted chela from The Masters and the Path by C. W. Leadbeater.