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A World Vigil for Youth (New Years 1997)

The New Years 1997 conference Ascended Master's Rescue Mission for the Youth of the World. 4 DVDs & 1 MP3

Abundancia creativa - libro con CD

1 Audio CD y un libro en español. Oraciones poderosas para atraer abundancia.

Accepting the Power of Victory - CD

The Victory Way of Life dictation and Angelic Chant from the dictation 3X.

Afirmaciones Liberadoras a la Llama Violeta


Afra: Brother of Light (Meet the Masters Series)

Ascended Master Afra addresses how we can make a universal brotherhood of man a possibility—not as idle dream or utopian future, but here and now.

Age of the Divine Mother

Elizabeth Clare Prophet shares her personal experiences with Mother Mary and offers a deeper understanding of the Universal Mother that Mary represents.

Alchemy of Supply - CD

Fiats and decrees for abundance led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Use abundance decrees for precipitating prosperity. Decree speed: medium to fast paced.

Alchemy of the Heart (Pocket Guide)

Alchemy of the Heart provides sensitive, profound and rare insights into the most precious and misunderstood, component of our being - the heart.

Alegría - Jardines del corazón

Alegría índice: A las puertas del jardín, El enrejado, Pájaros cantores, Flor de nube, La cascada, Chispas de luz solar.

All Seeing Eye Spiritual Visualization - DVD

Visualizations with decrees to the beloved Elohim Cyclopea. Intermediate pace.

Amada Poderosa Astrea - CD

1 Audio CD. Amada Poderosa Astrea, La Madre Estelar - Decreto 10.14 dado 24 veces.

Amado Cyclopea, Observador de Perfección - CD

Amado Cyclopea-Observador de Perfección, Decreto 50.05 dado 48 veces.