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Narcissus Fairy - 5 x 7

Artist' rendition of a Narcissus fairy.

Saint Germain - Mystery of the Violet Flame

Saint Germain, through many lifetimes as alchemist, adept and visionary, found the priceless ancient formulas like the violet flame. He comes again, revealing some of that knowledge to mystics like you.

Teachings of the Cosmic Christ, Vol 1

To restore the thread of contact with the Guru, Maitreya would show you the way. Re-establish the thread of contact with your own Real Self. Enter the path of the Cosmic Christ. Regain the Edenic consciousness. Find your way back Home.

The Maitreya Discourses DVD - Teachings from the Mystery School

By immersing yourself in these 26 video dictations of The Maitreya Discourses series, you can find keys to anchoring the consciousness of the Cosmic Christ in your life. Maitreya beckons: Come and Find Me.

Yellow Rose Fairy - 5 x 7

Artist' rendition of a Yellow Rose fairy.

Access The Power Of Your Higher Self (Pocket Guide)

Develop a close working relationship with your Higher Self. 10 helpful steps to gaining joy, peace and empowerment from the spiritual presence within you.

Afra: Brother of Light (Meet the Masters Series)

Ascended Master Afra addresses how we can make a universal brotherhood of man a possibility—not as idle dream or utopian future, but here and now.

Age of the Divine Mother

Elizabeth Clare Prophet shares her personal experiences with Mother Mary and offers a deeper understanding of the Universal Mother that Mary represents.

Alchemy of Supply - CD

Fiats and decrees for abundance led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Use abundance decrees for precipitating prosperity. Decree speed: medium to fast paced.

Alchemy of the Heart (Pocket Guide)

Alchemy of the Heart provides sensitive, profound and rare insights into the most precious and misunderstood, component of our being - the heart.

Angels, Prayers and Devotions - MP3

Join Elizabeth Clare Prophet in giving heartfelt decrees, songs and meditations to the seven archangels. Devotional pace. Total time: 6 hr. 7 min.

Angels: A Seminar on How to Contact Angels - MP3s

Lectures, dictations by the archangels, meditations, songs, decrees (introductory pace) and invocations from the Angels Seminar.