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Jade Bracelet with Cylinders and Spheres

Jade has the capacity to store light!

Jade Bracelet, 3-4 mm


Jade Bracelet, Dark Colored, 8mm


Jade Bracelet, Light Colored, 7mm


Moss Agate Pillar

About 4 inches tall

Pure Jade Bracelet with Turtle Etching


Rhodochrosite Necklace

Large elegant beads

Tiny Jade Angel Pendant

Tiny Jade Angel Pendant, 1.25 inches

Turquoise Large Bead Bracelet

Have fun with it.

Yellow Jade Bracelet

10 mm, stretches

Amazonite Bracelet, 8 mm

8-8.5 mm

Amazonite Marbled Bracelet

Large beads, 11--11.5 mm