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Sacred Psychology of Love by Marilyn C. Barrick, PhD

Psychologist Dr. Barrick helps you master the lessons of love and their inherent dramas to create enduring love relationships, in friendships and marriage.
$12.95 $3.24

Sacred Psychology of Change by Marilyn C. Barrick, PhD

Through storytelling and self-help exercises, Dr. Barrick helps you focus on using your open heart, creative mind-set, and soul's growth to navigate change.
$14.95 $3.74

Dreams by Marilyn C. Barrick, PhD

Learn how to remember your dreams, interpret their symbolism and decode the metaphorical messages to the soul. Shift your life onto an upward track.
$14.00 $3.50

Strategies of Light & Darkness - Summit University

The strategies of darkness are so successful that no one needs to develop new ones. To be free from manipulation, you need to understand these strategies!

Soul Reflections, Many Lives, Many Journeys by Marilyn C. Barrick, PhD

Soul Reflections includes a study of heroes along with inspiring meditations and practical exercises to help you transform painful experiences of the past.
$14.95 $3.74

Wanting to Live: Overcoming the Seduction of Suicide

Wanting to Live offers powerful, life-changing partnerships with heavenly rescuers, practical tools and insights for suicidal people and their loved ones.

Odyssey of Your Soul

This voyage of self-discovery is Elizabeth Clare Prophet's insightful interpretation of the rites of passage and inner drama hidden in The Odyssey by Homer.

Enemy Within: Encountering and Conquering the Dark Side

The dark side. The not-self. The authors bring spiritual tools to help you deal with it and reveal your true nature. Remember your first estate.

Cosmic Clock, Predicting Cycles of Karma and Initiation - MP3

Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows how you can use the Cosmic Clock to chart the cycles of personal karma and gain valuable insights into personal psychology.