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Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power (Mystical Paths series)

With intriguing new perspectives, Elizabeth Clare Prophet explores the Kabbalah, the once-secret Jewish mystical tradition.

Karma and Reincarnation (Pocket Guide)

Transcend your past, transform your future. Come to grips with the karma from past lives that creates your life circumstances and change your future.

Keys To The Kingdom (Pocket Guide)

Introduces the foundational teachings of the Ascended Masters - the I AM Presence, Christ Self, angels, ascension, nature spirits, and the violet flame.

Kindness - Gardens of the Heart Series

Kindness is a collection of quotes from Elizabeth Clare Prophet that can inspire compassion and guide you to the garden within your own heart.

Kuan Yin's Crystal Rosary - Booklet

A magnificent New Age ritual of hymns, prayers and Chinese mantras to Kuan Yin, the compassionate protector and Saviouress.

Living with Angels (Coloring Book)

A colorful and fun way to introduce your children to the seven archangels, the seven rays and how to make calls to the angels.

Lords Of The Seven Rays

Learn about the ascended masters - the lords of the 7 rays. These spiritual teachers are ready to tutor you on your path to spiritual mastery.

Lords of the Seven Rays - trade

Learn about the ascended masters who are the lords, or chohans, of the 7 rays. Get to know the spiritual teachers who can to tutor you on your path to spiritual mastery.

Lost Teachings Of Jesus 1 - Trade

Profound, surprising, thoroughly engaging, The Lost Teachings of Jesus illumines the Old and New Testament and then goes beyond to the Everlasting Gospel.

Lost Teachings of Jesus 1, Hardbound

This volume is a bold reconstruction of the essence of Jesus' message both his public teachings and the private teachings given in secret to his disciples.

Lost Teachings Of Jesus 2 - Trade

Mark and Elizabeth Prophet address the overwhelming question 'What did Jesus teach that was so threatening to his enemies and liberating to his followers?'

Lost Teachings on Finding God Within - Paperback

The Lost Teachings of Jesus Series: How to contact your inner source and access your unlimited potential. Put the teachings of Jesus into action!