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Hope - Gardens of the Heart Series

Hope is a book of quotes that offers a quiet refuge from the tumult of the modern world, a special place where you can find clarity and peace.

How To Work With Angels (Pocket Guide)

Ever think of building a relationship with an angel? You can work with angels (and archangels!) to bring about miracles everyday into your life and world.

How to Work with Your Chakras

This pocket guide is packed with full color images of the chakras, the threefold flame and the I AM Presence. Enjoy simple explanations and mantras for clearing and sealing your chakras and aura. A great introductory book that works well with study groups or to pass on to a friend.

Ich Dien - By Clara Louise Kieninger

Clara Louise Kieninger's memoirs reveals her soul's initiation on a path of disciplined love that led to reunion with God. We are inspired to follow her!

In My Own Words - Memoirs of Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Autobiography of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, her views on the struggles and triumphs that helped define her life. An intimate look at a contemporary mystic.

Initiations of the Heart

Did our hearts not burn within us?... In Initiations of the Heart, the ascended masters reveal the mysteries of the heart. Here you have the keys to develop your heart, expand your heart's fire, and balance your threefold flame.

Inner Active Learning - Booklet

Inner-Active Learning, a guide on right brain education, unlocks your child's talents and genius with engaging games, along with prayers and visualizations.

Inner Perspectives - A Guidebook for the Spiritual Journey

Interviews with Elizabeth Clare Prophet that covers the Ascended Masters' Teachings with thoroughness and clarity - sheds light on life's mysteries.

Is Mother Nature Mad? (Pocket Guide)

Is Mother Nature Mad? contains practical spiritual tools you can use to help restore harmony to the environment and to mitigate extreme weather conditions.

ISSA, The Greatest Story Never Told

Author Lois Drake tells a dramatic story of young Issa during his teens and twenties coming to terms with the meaning of life and the role he can choose to play.

Joy - Gardens of the Heart Series

Joy quotes from Elizabeth Clare Prophet that can lift your spirit, open your understanding and gently guide you to the garden within your own heart.

Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power (Mystical Paths series)

With intriguing new perspectives, Elizabeth Clare Prophet explores the Kabbalah, the once-secret Jewish mystical tradition.