Audio recordings of the teachings of the ascended masters.

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Spread the Joy of the Violet Flame - CD

A full, uninterrupted hour of violet-flame decrees led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Advanced pace. 1 CD

The Class of the Seven Chohans - DVDs/MP3 (August 1982)

The lecture and dictations from the first conference ever held in the Heart of the Inner Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch.

The Healing Power of Angels - MP3

In this seminar, Elizabeth Clare Prophet introduces the seven archangels and delivers powerful messages from each of the seven archangels.

The Seduction of Socialism and the Responsibility of Freedom - DVDs/MP3

In seven enlightening lectures, Elizabeth Clare Prophet reveals the psychology of socialism and the economic philosophy of Jesus Christ. 2 DVDs, 1 MP3.

Waltzes by the Messenger of Music - CD

Waltzes to the Elohim, masters and archangels by the Messenger of Music, Dorothy Lee Fulton.

Class of Elohim for Turning of Worlds - DVDs/MP3 (New Years 1981-82)

These DVDs contain the dictations and lectures from the 1981-82 New Year's conference when the seven Elohim came for the turning of the worlds.

Higher Ground 2 - CD

18 favorite songs including keynotes of the masters, plus 6 new songs: The Violet Singing Flame, Our God Star Home, and 4 waltzes by Dorothy Lee Fulton.

I AM the Resurrection - DVD/MP3 (Easter 2017)

Eight Easter 1982 conference dictations plus the 1982 Palm Sunday dictation by Lord Maitreya and lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

The 12 Labors of Hercules - DVD/MP3 (Harvest 1989)

The 12 day Harvest 1989 "The 12 Labors of Hercules" dictations, plus the Sunday dictations prior to the conference and Elizabeth Clare Prophet's lecture.

Easter Retreat with Seven Mighty Elohim (Easter 1993) DVD/MP3

Easter Retreat 1993 replayed Easter 2023. Eleven dictations from the seven Elohim, Kuan Yin, Nada, and the Easter dictations from Jesus and Magda. Plus Elizabeth Clare Prophet lectures on the Gospel of Thomas.

Teachings of the Cosmic Christ, Vol 1 CD

These audio lectures are profound mystery school teachings given to the 1979 Maitreya Quarter of Summit University. Accelerate your spiritual path with Lord Maitreya.

Darshan with the Messenger (set of 4 MP3)

Darshan with the Messenger (set of 4 MP3)