Audio recordings of the teachings of the ascended masters.

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Chakra Meditations and the Science of the Spoken Word - MP3

Visualizations, meditations, mudras and exercises for the expanding and clearing your chakras. 25 chakra meditations conducted by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Challenge of Initiation - MP3 (New Years 1976)

The ascended masters' dictations on the Divine Mother as initiator and instructor. Plus Jesus' Thanksgiving and Christmas 1975 dictations.

Christ's Resurrection in You - DVD/MP3 (Easter 1987)

Easter Retreat - Timeless teachings from Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, the Maha Chohan and lectures from Elizabeth Clare Prophet replayed Easter 2022.

Class of the Archangels - DVDs/MP3 (New Year's 1980-81)

New Year's Conference 1980-1981 album. Contains 5 DVDs and 1 MP3. Total time 27 hr. 17 min.

Class of the Solar Ring DVD/MP3 (New Years 1983-1984)

Immerse yourself in the ascended masters’ consciousness - 8 dictations plus services with Elizabeth Clare Prophet! Class of the Solar Ring on 4 DVDs/1 MP3.

Come, Blessed Light - CD

Create a sacred space with these beautiful songs! Companion to the First Holy Communion kit.

Conclave of the Friends of Christ - DVD/MP3 (Easter 1986)

The Easter 1986 dictations and Easter Sunrise service on DVD and MP3.

Conversion of the Holy Spirit in the New Jerusalem - MP3

This landmark album contains twelve sermons delivered by Jesus Christ through Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Cosmic Clock, Predicting Cycles of Karma and Initiation - MP3

Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows how you can use the Cosmic Clock to chart the cycles of personal karma and gain valuable insights into personal psychology.

Creation of the Cloud Ritual - CD + Booklet

The powerful Creation of the Cloud ritual with booklet.

Creative Abundance - Audio Book

An abridged audio book of the Creative Abundance pocket guide. Step-by-step techniques including treasure mapping, visualizations and affirmations.

Dawn of the Golden Age, The (New year's 2011)