Audio recordings of the teachings of the ascended masters.

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Dawning of Your God Reality - DVD/MP3

The dictations originally delivered New Year's Conference 1992-1993.

Decree to Beloved Cyclopea - CD - Decree 50.05 (intermediate)

Decree 50.05 Beloved Cyclopea at Intermediate Pace led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 72 times. 51 minutes.

Decrees and Songs of the Sixth Ray - CD

Prayers, decrees and songs to the Archangel and Masters of the Sixth Ray. Expand the resurrection flame in your heart. Booklet included.

Decrees and Songs to Archangel Michael - CD

Decrees and Songs to Archangel Michael and the guardian angels of the blue ray. Booklet included. Pace Intermediate+

Decrees and Songs with Mark L. Prophet - CD

This album of decrees and songs is a wonderful way to connect with the heart of Mark Prophet. Experience his joy, and let him teach you how to decree.

Decrees with Mother and Her Chelas - CDs

Decrees led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet for Keepers of the Flame to accelerate positive change in personal and world situations. 3 CDs, Intermediate+ Pace

Devotions, Decrees And Spirited Songs to Archangel Michael - CD

Decrees and songs to invoke Archangel Michael's protection for yourself, your loved ones and people in need around the world. Booklet included. Devotional pace.

Dilemma of Life on Earth - MP3 - Life Begets Life #1

Elizabeth Clare Prophet unmasks the myths that underlie abortion and population control. She gives the spiritual teachings on the sacrament of marriage and the sacred responsibility of bearing children.

Discipleship, The Path of Love - MP3

Immerse yourself in the flame of pure, divine love from the heart of John the Beloved with these 17 dictations, plus one extraordinary dictation by Omega.

Discourses on Cosmic Law #1 - MP3 - Mark Prophet

17 lectures by Mark Prophet on thoughtforms, the many facets of love, purity of heart, and the control of consciousness.

Discourses on Cosmic Law #2 - MP3 - Mark Prophet

15 lectures by Mark Prophet on the threefold flame, karma and health, visualizations and the violet flame, and the much loved Joy Is the Motor of Life.

Discourses on Cosmic Law #3 - MP3 - Mark Prophet

14 lectures by Mark Prophet on the developing humility, creating illusions that separate us from God, and realizing your special mission in life.