Audio recordings of the teachings of the ascended masters.

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Discourses on Cosmic Law #4 - MP3 - Mark Prophet

11 lectures by Mark Prophet with practical tips on how to overcome discouragement and lack of self-esteem by cultivating the majestic sense of victory.

Discourses on Cosmic Law #5 - MP3 - Mark Prophet

Searching for a spiritual guide in life? Mark tells you what to look for in these 12 lectures. Also included is Decrees and Songs with Mark Prophet.

Discourses on Cosmic Law Set - MP3s - Mark Prophet

Set of five albums of Mark Prophet's Discourses on Cosmic Law in a beautiful foiled, hardcover slipcase. 69 lectures, 52.5 hours. MP3s

Education in the Age of Aquarius - MP3 (Harvest 1975)

8 lectures plus 5 dictations from Harvest 1975. Elizabeth Clare Prophet traces the foundations of education taught by the Great White Brotherhood.

Education of the Heart (Lectures) - MP3

Nine landmark lectures on education delivered by Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the celebration of the 7th anniversary of Mark Prophet's ascension.

El Morya, Lord of the First Ray - MP3

All the First Ray songs and decrees from the four El Morya cassettes on one MP3. Decrees are Devotional to Advanced pace. Booklet included.

Emerald Matrix, The Perfect Light - MP3

Over 24 hours of dictations and lectures on the inner mysteries of healing, with dictations from Saint Germain, Hermes Trismegistus and healing masters.

Energy Is God - MP3 (New Years 1976-77)

8 lectures and 10 dictations from the 1977-78 New Year's Conference. Liner notes included.

Enoch, The Call of Camelot - CD

Captures the power, sensitivity and devotion of the patriarch Enoch. The Call of Camelot is an orchestrated tone poem on the quest for the Holy Grail.

Enoch's Rosary - MP3

Over 12 hours of the Enoch Rosary, includes a lecture by Mark Prophet, four dictations from the ascended master Enoch, songs, invocations and mantras.

Family Designs for the Golden Age - MP3

Parent, married, or single, you will find these teachings and dictations on spirituality, family, relationships and community absolutely essential.

Feel the Victory! Be the Victory! - DVD/MP3 (Freedom 2017)

The dictations and lectures from the Freedom 2017 conference. 2 DVDs and 1 MP3