Audio recordings of the teachings of the ascended masters.

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Fiats! Fiats! Fiats! - CD

26 fiery fiats on the rainbow rays with Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Booklet included with Spanish, Portuguese and French translations. Slow pace.

Find Your Way Back to Me - MP3

Maitreya initiates and tutors souls on the path of discipleship and send them to carry the lamp of illumination to the nations. Freedom 1978 dictations.

Fourteenth Rosary - CD + Booklet

The 14th Rosary, the Mystery of Surrender with a dictation by Mother Mary. Booklet included.

Freedom of the Child - MP3

In these inspiring lectures, Elizabeth Clare Prophet lays out the path of the child's soul, building Christ-identity through the stages of development.

Freedom through the Sword of Truth - DVD/MP3

Two dictations by Pallas Athena (DVD) and a two hour decree service (MP3) to the Flame of Truth. Decree speed: intermediate.

Genetic Engineering - MP3

A groundbreaking lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet exposing what is happening with genetic engineering and the dangers it presents to our spiritual evolution.

God Is Mother - MP3s (New Years 1977-78)

Lectures, dictations and meditations from the God is Mother East and West within You 1977-1978 New Year's Class. 2 MP3s, Total time: 17 hr. 9 min.

Golden Age: Flame of the New Day - DVD/MP3

Dictations by Jesus Christ and Saint Germain on the golden age, plus three lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Great Divine Director - CD - Decree 10.08

Decree to the Great Divine Director given 144 times and song Divine Director, Come! Led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Guru-Chela Relationship with the Ascended Masters - MP3

A special collection of teachings on the Guru-Chela relationship with the ascended masters for those who seek the living master and in him the Real Self.

Hail Light Victorious! - CD

A salute to Archangel Michael, Captain of the Lord's Host with songs to the archangels. Includes booklet with lyrics.

Hail, Freedom Flame - CD

This album contains twenty classic freedom songs, compiled by the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet. 1 hour 18 minutes