Audio recordings of the teachings of the ascended masters.

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Kuan Yin Special Purpose Mantras - CD

Kuan Yin mantras recorded during 2014-2015 New Year's Retreat

On Marriage - CD

Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters offer a practical and mystical understanding of marriage and its opportunities for spiritual growth and world service.

Spread the Joy of the Violet Flame - CD

A full, uninterrupted hour of violet-flame decrees led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Advanced pace. 1 CD

The Class of the Seven Chohans - DVDs/MP3 (August 1982)

The lecture and dictations from the first conference ever held in the Heart of the Inner Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch.

The Healing Power of Angels - MP3

In this seminar, Elizabeth Clare Prophet introduces the seven archangels and delivers powerful messages from each of the seven archangels.

The Seduction of Socialism and the Responsibility of Freedom - DVDs/MP3

In seven enlightening lectures, Elizabeth Clare Prophet reveals the psychology of socialism and the economic philosophy of Jesus Christ. 2 DVDs, 1 MP3.

Waltzes by the Messenger of Music - CD

Waltzes to the Elohim, masters and archangels by the Messenger of Music, Dorothy Lee Fulton.

Class of Elohim for Turning of Worlds - DVDs/MP3 (New Years 1981-82)

These DVDs contain the dictations and lectures from the 1981-82 New Year's conference when the seven Elohim came for the turning of the worlds.

Higher Ground 2 - CD

18 favorite songs including keynotes of the masters, plus 6 new songs: The Violet Singing Flame, Our God Star Home, and 4 waltzes by Dorothy Lee Fulton.

I AM the Resurrection - DVD/MP3 (Easter 2017)

Eight Easter 1982 conference dictations plus the 1982 Palm Sunday dictation by Lord Maitreya and lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

The 12 Labors of Hercules - DVD/MP3 (Harvest 1989)

The 12 day Harvest 1989 "The 12 Labors of Hercules" dictations, plus the Sunday dictations prior to the conference and Elizabeth Clare Prophet's lecture.